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Tree Plantation Contest 2021

“Protect Green, Love Bangladesh!” On the occasion of glorious Golden Jubilee of our Independence, Daffodil International School (English Medium) is going to observe this historic day with a special event: “Tree Plantation Contest”. Daffodil International School inspires and invites Children to take part in “Tree Plantation Contest-2021 ” and nourish patriotism by contributing to create a green, healthy, and inhabitable environment. প্রতিযোগিতার নিয়মাবলি : ১। গাছ কিনুন ২। গাছ লাগান ৩। গাছ লাগানোর আগে ও পরে ছবি তুলুন ৪। ছবি গুলো ফেইসবুক ইভেন্ট পেজ এ আপলোড করে দিন Competition date: 26 March 2021 to 03 April 2021 Visit EVENT Page for details : Rules and Regulations: Prizes and Appreciations : Event Schedule: Contact Details : DIS Website: DIS E-Mail: Contact Numbers: 01713493224, 01713493291
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How Daffodil International School (DIS) is helping students to develop their moral and social values

Daffodil International School (DIS) was established by the Chairman of the daffodil Family, Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, in 2009 with the motto: ‘Value, Culture and Innovation’. DIS always believes that every child is special and in every child there is a unique quality that differentiate him or her from others. DIS nurtures those qualities of students through academics as well as various extra –curriculum activities.  School is a place where children do not only learn about various traditional ranges of subjects but they also do learn about certain moral and social values, to be empathetic towards peers in class room etc. DIS always motivates students through its daily specific moral lesson topic that helps to build up students’ moral and social values. Topics like respect everyone, do not cheat, self-respect, confession etc help to boost students' moral values whether  moral lesson topics like be confident, never lose hope, have courage etc help a student to be a optimistic, confident p


                                                                                                                                   The topic of today's discussion is the wormhole. The wormhole was first conceived by the famous scientist Albert Einstein. According to Einstein's famous field equation, gravity behaves like a kind of tunnel. And this tunnel is called a wormhole. It is very easy to reach from one point of space-time to another point through the wormhole. If we want to explain the wormhole more easily, we can call it a gravitational tunnel. The mysterious tunnel created by the effect of gravitational force in space can be called a wormhole.   Now let's come to the world of quantum physics. If we throw a ball into the sky, it will surely fall into our hands. So we understand which way the ball will come and where it will come from. This time we come to the world of a hydrogen atom. We know that an electron revolves around the nucleus of a hydrogen atom. It is

HAWKING Radiation.

                                                                                                                              Lets start talk about Hawking Radiation. A kind of hypothetical radiation that is created from black holes. Radiation is created from the heat energy when the mass of an object is converted into heat energy. Famous physicist Stephen Hawking gives an idea about this radiation that is created from Black Hole.   Mathematically if we want to explain hawking radiation it's the temperature and mass of the blackhole they are proportional to each other. The meaning of this is that the amount of heat that will be generated in a black hole will be the opposite of the total mass of black hole. Simply said, the smaller a blackhole that stands, the more heat energy will be generated. So the mass of a blackhole and and heat energy that is created from mass of black hole is completely   opposite of each other. And it happens in a proportional way. Hawking radiation is


    Dark Matter is still a hypothesis. Scientists have not yet fully observed Dark Matter. Dark matter never interacts with electromagnetic forces. Dark matter is completely invisible in ordinary light. In modern technology, it is impossible to detect dark matter. Some scientists believe that dark matter exists. Our entire universe is made up of 6% dark energy, 26% dark matter, and the remaining 5% normal matter. Dark matter and antimatter are not the same thing. We know that baryonic matter is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Most likely dark matter is composed of baryonic or non-baryonic matter. Most scientists believe that dark matter is made up of non-baryonic matter. If we do not see dark matter, how do we know that dark matter exists? Scientists have been able to determine the mass of large objects in space through research on their movements. Astronomers tested some spiral galaxies in the 1970s. They see that the stars in the center of the galaxy are moving much faste

Teachers' Rights

Sudipta Roy Ghosh Its really a matter to think about, teachers actually possess any right or not! And if so, what type of rights they are possessing. Teachers are protected from certain harms under the equal protection, but its a matter of great sorrow, all sectors' teachers are not equally treated. Though, they serve harder than the other sectors' employees.**Each & every developed countries' teachers have some basic rights. ( source : 17; 223 Rs Amendment) **They have the rights pertaining to their employment, including of certain freedoms, prohibition against certain forms of discrimination, and significant Protection against dismissal from their position. **A teacher has the right to teach appropriately disciplined students.. * A teacher has the right to remove any persistently disruptive student from his classroom when the stude

Corona Virus Affects Our Children 's Mental Health

 Sudipta Roy Ghosh Some young people are happy to stay home, mental health professionals said, the young kids who are more family focused or young, who don't like to attend school, but now in this deadly world corona crisis period ,they are also affected for staying home for a long time like prisoners. Those who are always very eager to attend school, their struggling can not be expressed in words. They are now kept at home like pet animals. Gradually they are going to traumatic. Some children are also dealing with more Serious traumatic events related to COVID-19, such as the sicknesses of family members, or relatives experiencing job losses that make it harder to feel their loved ones. For those personal tragedies our kids are affected at a greater risk of lasting mental health effects. Gradually they are becoming speechless. Children always are observing that all the time their parents are passing time anxiously, or engaging them talking telephone, observing TV news, UP date new